How to buy or sell a website?

If you wish to sell or buy a website, an online store or domain, we can offer you a convenient platform for the implementation of this goal.

How and where you can buy a web site?

Web Studio Concept Logic offers a convenient platform where you can buy a ready-made website, online store or domain name. When you purchase a website, a number of significant reasons will affect the cost.

 Buy website without a domain from 8 000 rub.
 Buy website with a domain with PR > 10 (with income) from 50 000 rub.
 Buy ready-made website with the domain from 15 000 rub.
 Ready site with content from 30 000 rub.
 Buy online store with traffic from 20 000 rub.
 Buy a domain with more than 50 TIC and attendance on the subject from 7 000 rub.

How to sell a website?

To have one’s own website, online store and, especially, blog is not uncommon. It happens that some site owners can not pay to their projects required attention and devote time. In view of this we must seize the moment and try to sell the site correctly, until he began to lose its position in search results and loose its value.

To correctly sell a site, online store or domain the following steps should be done: site cost evaluation, business processes analyzis as well as other factors that may affect the evaluation of the site.

 Sell site from 2 000 rub.
 Sell an online shop from 15 000 rub.
 Sell a domain name from 500 rub.

 *The tables show an average cost of buying/selling websites, e-commerce and domain names.