Web site information structure

Website development is characterized, above all, by a thought-out information structure of a project. A bad strategy of information blocks and pages location may cause broken links, duplicated pages, etc. Therefore when building a website it is a very important to elaborate information structure.

What is information structure?

Information structure is the organization of information and communication material they interact with each other. Proper location of the bonds of various information materials from the site in the future will affect convenience of users who visit a web resource.  Web site creation includes a record of total amount of information that will affect the entire model of the information structure.

Types of information structure

The most common type of information structure is a tree or hierarchical str. The hierarchical structure performs underlying model where information materials are arranged in categories and subcategories. Corporate website of each company has its sections and its information structure, yet each site has its typical categories and sections (news, " Company " , contacts).

"News" is useful for companies that regularly conduct various promotions, ads and notify clients of the results achieved. Web site development and its information structure should be implemented in accordance with the customer's request . Otherwise, if the structure of the relationship information materials was not taken into account in developing a site, such structure will be ineffective.

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