Web Design Trends for 2015

Some trends were popular in 2014, such as parallax, single page websites, platforms for designing "no code", etc.

It often happens that new trends are fleeting, but some of them develop into independent areas. There are more devices on which we review sites and therefore developers are forced to adapt existing technologies to meet the needs of customers.

So what are the trends in web design will be popular this 2015.


Typography on the Internet is not like the print typography , and this year the developers get rid of the old-fashioned trends, due to which the text on the site looks very small and tight.

It is not novelty (the concept was presented for discussion in 2006), but web designers in no hurry to adapt. It is difficult to give up the foundations on which you relied for many years.

Several aspects affects on readability:

  • line-height
  • column width
  • size.

It is proved that a large font improves the perception of information. Designers have begun to apply new approaches for creating flexible typography.

Automation layout

Traditionally, web design development was carried out, which created the appearance of the site and coders that made all the work. Today, web design tools have become smarter and designer can create a website without a stitch of code, using graphics programs and receiving W3C-valid code clean.

Responsive Design

Just a couple years ago when if the site was working on the tablet, desktop and smartphone, it was considered responsive. Today, the concept of "responsiveness" is somewhat broader, because there were televisions, smart watches and other devices that can browse the site.

Each of these platforms has their demands. Smartphones and tablets use similar technology for their most important to find the right size and make a simple navigation. But, for example, smart watch have different technology and finding solutions to these problems will take time.

Sleek design

Sleek design, which appeared in some of the products Apple, Google and Microsoft gained popularity.

Sleek design - a minimalistic design that contributes to the creation of simple, fast sites, in which the main content. Of course, there is still debate about the problems of a flat design, but all agree that this method is suitable for web design.