Do we need a SiteMap?

Today we'll talk about such phenomenon in site building and promotion as a sitemap. Many ignore it, because they do not want to spend time on the installation and do not pay attention to it. Yet Sitemap is important for each site and you should install it.

What is the site map

Why do you need sitemapEfficiency SiteMap for search engines is obvious. Search engine robot goes to the site map and compares it with the previous version, it can immediately identify new articles appeared on your site and throw them in the index. If site is new, the Yandex’s and Google's robot enough to add a sitemap, and there this systems sees the links and follows it, ie it will check the sitemap itself. But of course for faster indexing you should not be limited only by sitemap. I thought of the installation of the sitemap, after creating another online store for the customer, and he ordered me optimization of this online store. There were more than thousand products and I realized that while the robot will bypass all the links it will take time. Of course I use a lot of different methods, but I think you should not neglect the most simple, basic and free. Especially when there are new products in the store somewhere in the bowels of the structure and search engines will not find them immediately, and in the sitemap they will appear immediately.

Remember that it is necessary to show a sitemap to the search engine so that robot will not forget to walk around and compare the map with the last visit. Otherwise search engine will take sitemap page as a usual page and also visit her.

The benefit of a sitemap for visitors is obvious. It is easy and pleasant to look at all the material on the site, of course this tool is not often used, but still it is useful. You can easily see what items are in what section. You can search on the site map through a browser.