What does site branding mean?

Brand is a memorable visual image that is well recognized by recipients who have repeatedly faced with it. Brand is an excellent tool in the commercial market to promote goods and services.

Branding a project on the Internet is a special ads format with creation of visual design. Pages of a corporate website, blog or any web resource take a look of charecteristic design and as possible matches to the theme of the brand.

Advertising banners of a project are located correctly and have aesthetic and organic nature, creating harmony with the main concept.

The main advantages of site branding:

  • Prolonged contact with the recipients of the brand;
  • company image;
  • contact with the audience;

Branding of a home page

Branding of the project home page is the development and introduction of her branding company. Effective branding requires the development of basic conceptual ideas as well as the most profitable and optimal location of the branded item.

If in short, the appearance of any page of your site will be changed under the advertised product. It will acquire commercial style for a certain period of time. Typically, branding element is situated in the header. This is the most effective location because it is the most noticeable and quite functional area. Some branded items have the opportunity of statistics on clicks.