Why do online shop need icons?

Everyone regularly meets icons in online stores. Of course, the icons are needed, especially for sites with large amounts of text, also with the help of icons view of products and categories can be simplified. Online shop without icons will look pale and not so attractive.

To get the necessary icons is not difficult; today there are many sites where you can download free icons, for example, iconbird.com and www.freepik.com.

Icons help to solve many problems in the pages of the online store:

  • Any list of services will look much more attractive if you use the icons in it.
  • Icons can be used for navigation, for example, for product categories.
  • Everyone knows that Internet users rarely read the entire text posted on the website, it is difficult to make them to do it. This is where icons can help you, they will serve as a graphic delimited of the text. You can place them between paragraphs, highlighting certain parts of the text. This will help the user to perceive information much easier. The icons are images used in bulleted lists, which can be transferred pluses products and services, opportunities, etc.
  • Target button. Buttons with targeted actions can easily attract the attention of users. Buttons can be very diverse: buy (icon of a purse is suitable), download (eg. floppy disk icon), ask a question (optional question mark).