How to create a site

Webmasters and customers, particularly those who are not familiar with the process of creating web pages, often wondered what methods of creating the most popular sites. Methods for creating sites can be divided into two groups.

The first group includes methods for autographic writing. Can be used as multiple programming languages and one language. Programmers Work in simple text editors, as well as visuall editors, such as HTML and CSS. Using visual editors, programmers create a site in WYSIWYG (can be deciphered as: "What you see on the screen is what you get"). When you are writing manually ordinary static site, it is enough to use compounds HTML and CSS, sometimes including Javascript. If you need a dynamic, more complex website, you will need to use server-side scripts (PHP, ASP.NET, etc.). .php Files can also be edited directly in the standard Notepad. To work with ASP.NET need to install additional software. If you decide to use manual methods of creating the site, then its design must be done manually. There are already used various image editors.

The second group includes methods for the automated construction of web pages. For this purpose a special website builder or content management system (CMS) are used. Website Builder - an online system in which it is possible to design a site from the final standard set of modules. This method of creating a website with CMS is the most popular today. In general CMS - a visual and shell program, through which you can configure the site, fill or change the content.
Automated way to create sites on the shared structure of the site design and content. So you can change the content of a site without touching the code and design.