Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Create a site is not so difficult. Much more difficult task is to unleash it. Compounding the situation is that it depends not only on you, but on the algorithms of search engines. It turns out that search engine optimization - a process which affects the owner of the site can only indirectly.

Website promotion process

Search engine optimization begins with the process of learning a niche where there is a website. This is followed by preparation of a semantic kernel - a list of key phrases that will be carried out optimization. This is a very important step, which should treat very seriously, because it builds almost the entire process. In compiling these lists help special services that display the popularity of some phrases in the search engines.

Optimizing a site for semantic core - a complex and time-consuming process. Text optimization can increase volume and highlight search phrases. An important rule which is good for optimization - "Content King." This means that the more unique site on a high-quality content - the higher priority it will have in the searcher.

It is important that the site has the correct HTML-code pages. If the site is displayed in the browser, it does not mean that it is properly made and correctly displayed in hildren.

Do not forget about the link structure of the site. Best to any page of the site was accessible from the home page in a couple of clicks. To do this, create a site map - page which has links to all the pages with a brief description. This not only facilitates navigation users, but also improves indexing your site for search engines.

By following these basic rules, you can promote your own website in a few steps.